All things Tummler

Exploring the tumler side of community by Gallop

Moments from our Tummel Talk pilot

Jerry: We don’t just need flow like a river (referring to Twitter/FB etc) but stock like a pond so we can reflect.

Heather: You mean data flow, not flow like this social scientist dude whose name I can’t pronounce studies. Like being present.

A new take on Kanye/Joe Wilson/Serena: Deb suggested that the responses and outbursts might also reflect people being used to responding in general. Everyone had good ideas and Imma let you finish but had to interrupt for meme’s sake.

Kevin: pointed out how much of the statements on twitter and elsewhere are phatic gestures and that’s why they don’t make sense to people who so a statement about eating a sandwich in isolation.

There was tons more good stuff so listen up! Thanks to everyone who joined us and helped make the pilot a hit. TWiT would like it to be a regular show so we’ll keep you posted as things progress.

This was our pilot episode on - with guest Jerry Michalski!!!

a step to understanding the power of tummlers

From  a 1938 New Yorker edited by  AJ Liebling - where tummler is refered to as a colorful promoter [not sure if this is overt or hidden anti-semitic slang in here  - i need to dig a bit more]

old article referring to catskills tummlers